Objectives :

  • To initiate activities and carry through different plans and opportunity studies with a potential towards community development;
  • To approve, support and promote community initiatives.


Main activities :

In order to favour community development, your SADC :

  • Assesses local socio-economic project outcomes;
  • Advises community project initiators on procedures to follow in order to obtain assistance;
  • Carries out quality control studies to ensure full respect of organizations programms and standards;
  • Initiates or collaborates in setting up projects that cater to the community’s socio-economic development;
  • Initiates or supports various committees of MRC sectors of activity (fisheries, forestry, tourism, wind power, etc… targeted by the SADC);
  • Takes on animation and consulting roles;
  • Backs all prospecting activities within our sectors of activity;
  • Presents various research studies pertaining to the territory’s socio-economic status.